Wednesday, January 14

Spend vs. Save

Spend: Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort T-shirt Bra

Seen On:
List Price: $44.00 (I scored it for about 28.00 on a special promotion)

Why this Bra?

Its amazing. (period)
Ok, so you need a better reason? How about, its comfortable, needs little adjusting, and wears flawlessly under everything, even a t-shirt. (yeah, I said it.)

Save your money on: Victoria Secret Biofit Uplift Bra

Seen on: VictoriaSecret. com
List Price: $45, $48 for D+

Why not?

Don't get me wrong, I love Victoria's Secret. But to be completely honest, their bras just aren't that great. Its been a long hard road to admitting that, but this bra just does not cut it for me. Granted, I'm in the $48 range so that might be part of the problem, but the days I wear this bra I feel uncomfortable and self conscious. Who has time for that?

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