Tuesday, December 22

Its the most wonderful time of the year..

... and I don't mean Christmas. It's the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale. The sale offically starts today, and its the only time of year I will buy bras. Its one of the things I do to try and cut back on my spending. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Grace, if you want to cut back, then don't buy bras at all." Valid point. I don't buy bras every time the semi annual sale rolls around. However, if I notice that I may need some new ones due to regular wear and tear, I strategically plan my purchases around the sale.

Its a pain in the ass to wait some times, especially when I notice in say September. But since bras are not very high on my must have right now list, I can't justify paying close to $50 for one, when I know twice a year I can get them for 50% off.

Example: I bought two bra's last night.

 total(on sale) after shipping and tax: 62.50.  (2 bras, sale price $24.99+8.99 shipping)

total (before sale) after shipping and tax:  109.39 (2 bras, full price, $45 + 13.99 shipping)

* http://www.victoriassecret.com/

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