Sunday, December 6

The Work/Weekend Dichotomy

I do it all the time. I separate my closet into two neat and tidy categories, Work and Weekend. What I didn't realize until today is that these two categories are what totally blow my clothing budget each and every month. When I buy something I find myself justifying it for one category or the other. Now clearly some items belong in one category or the other (at least for my current employer) like jeans and trousers for weekend and work respectively. However there is no reason for the all of my clothes to be mutually exclusive.

Not only am I killing my budget but I am stressing myself out day in and day out trying to put together an outfit while mentally limiting my options by assigning labels.

Like SSBF, courtesy of G.I. Joe always says "Knowing is half the battle".

From now on all of my clothes (ok most) should be able to serve double duty.

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  1. I've thought the same thing for YEARS! There are work clothes then weekend clothes but now everything is so relaxed in the work force where casual has crossed over and weekends are while still casual are turned up a notch. This weekend was my first attempt at blurring the lines. Old dogs really hard to change their ways but I'm getting there. I feel better about trying this new way and feel that it will help keep me young. I'm not that old - I'm 48 but still more mature than alot of those clothes that are being sold now days. I'm trying and I encourage other 40+ to do the same. Great conversation piece.


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