Friday, January 29

Fashion Cats

I have 3 cats. Dolce, Gabbana, and Chloe.
I was bbming (the new aim.. anyone?) one of my best friends from college and she told me that she missed my random posts about my cats (they are kind of ridiculous) on my old blog.
Now, SSBF said I wasn't allowed to do a cat post because this blog is about fashion and money. I told him that these were Fashion Cats, so of course it was justified.

Whether it is or isn't. I'm doing it anyway. Andrea, this is for you.

This is Chloe, sometimes when she falls asleep her tounge starts hanging out of her mouth.
Last night was by far the longest amount of time she has ever done that for. She had it out like that for a solid 10 minutes even after she had woke up from her nap.

Happy Friday!

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