Wednesday, February 3

President Obama's Middle Class Plan, and Mixing Prints.

Ok ok, the title of this post definitely sounds a little out there, but bear with me.

In his State of the Union address Obama focused in on some of the issues plaguing middle income earners like costs of child care, college tuition, and lack of saving for retirement. I definitely suggest you read the article here on the New York Times Bucks Blog.

The item I was most interested in was a plan to cap student loan payments for recent grads at 10% of discretionary income (income after basic needs), rather then using net income. The plan also expanded the forgiveness program from civil workers (i.e. teachers) to "all others". What all others entails, I'm not sure yet. But I do know "all others" would have to make 20 years of payments rather then 10.

The initiative also included expanding the saver's credit which is a tax credit for contributing to a retirement plan. I was eligible for this credit my first year as a "professional" because I made less then $15,000 but have been unable to claim it the last couple years because my income was too high.

What these initiatives will do for middle income earners is yet to be seen, but I am very excited about the move toward student loan reform, a move that is long overdue.

On to the pictures, I was feeling pretty bored with my work outfits of late so I decided to mix it up a little last week when the temperature rose to something a little more tolerable.

I threw on my spring-weight cardigan from New York & Co with a striped shirt from F21, and viola. I'm a spring trend... mixed prints.

what do you think?

*Striped Collared Shirt, Forever 21
*Leopard Print Cardigan, New York & Co
*Necklace, Gap.

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