Monday, March 29

Better Late then Never

I've been meaning to do this post for about a week now except with work and school and exciting car trips it kind of got pushed to the back burner. But after a lead time of about 3 weeks (shorter then we thought) our brand new entry door was installed!

Just as a reminder, this was the old door:

Annnd.. the new door:

And a view from the inside:

I just love it. It is amazing how much that one little upgrade changed our entry way completely. Our next project will be replacing those black address numbers and sprucing up both the front and back with some aforementioned landscaping. While we could have saved money on the install by calling around or even (gasp) installing it ourselves I think what we paid in labor to have Home Depot subcontract the work was worth it. (Mostly because I'm lazy).

What do you guys think of the door?

On another note, I've attempted to look at some landscaping books to try and get an idea of what would work in our region and what looks good together etc, but to be honest I know next to nothing about it and I tend to get bogged down and overwhelmed in the details. SSBF imagines I will look something like this in my attempt to garden:

haha, I wish!

photo credit: j.Crew April Catalogue.


  1. nice! I like it.

    I'm going to start a blog with my home improvement projects this week. My first few entries are about (1) entry door, (2) landscaping ideas from the Denver Home Show, (3) refinishing a patio table & chairs, and (4) sewing patio cushions ... stay tunnnned!

    but ... I need a clever blog name. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. love your new door - it looks great! I also get bogged down with details when it comes to the yard and at some point just quit caring :)

    hope all is well!

  3. The door looks great, beautiful color! As for gardening, just plant stuff that needs minimal care. Mint, for example, great color and grows like a weed... because it is one!

  4. The new door looks amazing! I can't wait to own a house and do fun little updates like this - it's crazy what small details can do to change the space!

  5. Door looks nice but Mike's right about the garden-attempt photo-LOL

  6. I love that door so much! Looks so so good :) Very cute blog you have miss. x


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