Wednesday, March 24

Suit Up

First of all, if you don't watch "How I Met your Mother" the title of this post probably means nothing to you. If you do though, you can revel in my pleasure of walking around today telling everyone I "suited up". You seem at work we were supposed to get a visit from a couple of the higher ups at GEICO, hence the more formal business attire. I generally hate wearing full suits but the Easter egg blue shirt (untucked) and the leopard-print shoes helped break up the monotony.

Of course they never showed.
In other news, my white jeans from Old Navy and Wedge Sandals from ALDO arrived today and I can not wait to style them.

*Blazer and Pants, Express
*Button Down, J.Crew (Outlet)
*Shoes, Target
*Belt, Banana Republic


  1. I love your leopard feels paired with your shirt.

  2. Love your shoes! I'm currently on the hunt for similar pair for myself. How long ago did you find those at Target?

    Love your reference to How I Met Your Mother - looks like one more thing we have in common :)

    PS - Giving you another shout out on my blog.



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