Monday, April 26

April Challenge: Day 26

I can't believe it is day 26 already. At this point I feel like I am pretty much coasting to the finish line. It feels really good to be in control of where my money is going.

With that said I have been kind of reaching for outfits and inspiration. The other day I was inspired in a major way by Krystal from This Time Tomorrow. I've been following Krystal for awhile and am always in awe of her clever styling tricks. A couple days ago she styled her scarf as a turban. As soon as I saw it I had to do it myself. Check out her version here. This shirt was one of the items I picked for my challenge. I was so focused on the turban I neglected to realize until after I had the outfit on that Krystal was wearing a striped top also. Oh well. I kind of feel like a casual gypsy in this picture between the sandals and scarf. I also realized that all the items in this outfit are from Old Navy minus the scarf and the sandals. I can't believe how much Old Navy I have in my closet. Cheap is dangerous

This weekend was pretty crappy weather-wise. Even though it looks bright outside that window it is actually gray, cloudy skies. SSBF's dad was nice enough to come over on Saturday and cook us some dinner. It's always nice when he does because he is an amazing cook. SSBF and I watched The Graduate on Saturday too. Neither of us had ever seen it. It's pretty messed up.

On a separate note today marks the beginning of the end of my career at Enterprise. If you missed my last few posts I received a job offer from Under Armour which I have accepted! I will be working in the planning and allocation team as an allocator. I've always dreamed about working for an apparel company in the merchandising department. I can't tell you how amazing it is to know that I will be doing just that.
Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

*Scarf (worn as headband), American Eagle
*Sweater, Old Navy
*Tank, Old Navy
*Jeans, Old Navy
*Sandals, Target


  1. Cute headband!

    Visit my blog? Leave a comment? Follow? I'd be more than happy to reciprocate the blog love :)

  2. G-Loo, rockin the headband!

  3. great outfit! love the headband, girlfriend!

    congrats on doing so well with your challenge - I knew you would :)


  4. Cardi Love, >,<

  5. the headband is sooo cute! I love how you mixed all of these pieces together.


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