Sunday, May 2

Spending Diary: Week 2

Day One: Sunday's are always the easiest to get through without any spending, at least during semester anyway. I think that will be coming to an end soon though. With more money in my paycheck SSBF wants me to help him out with the grocery bills each month. Which I think is fair since he has been paying for them the last three years.

Day Two: No actual spending today, but my visa bill came. I've been working for months to get it below the $8,000 threshold and of course after the interest my balance was $8,012. Stupid. Stupid credit card. I also got a letter from my Gap card telling me they have upgraded me to a Gap Silver Visa. They must have been worried since I have used it at all this month… Thanks Gap.

Day Three: My automatic withdraw of $50 from my checking to my BB&T Visa card hit today. I pay about $150 a month to that card and my balance is hovering right around $2817. I'm planning on using my tuition refund for summer to pay off this card so I can just get rid of it.

Day Four: It was really cold this morning so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and picked up a small hot chocolate. I really try to limit myself to little treats like these because they can add up. Total spent: $1.59.

Day Five: I hate Thursdays. They really are the worst for me. At work we tend to be slow in the morning and crazy busy in the afternoon. My manager forgot to send me to lunch so I end up taking a 20 min break around 3 pm. I went to Royal Farm and bought an ice coffee and some chex mix. Total spent $3.80.

Day Six: Pay day! My check was only $893 total. This is the first time I've had a check under $900 in probably about 6 months. The last pay period of the month is a commission check, except we missed our bonus in March because our customer service score was too low. Rats. $75 from my total check gets automatically transferred to my ING sub-accounts. I also had to gas up the car today: $34.54 and pay for chick-fil-a: $18.75.

Day Seven: Today was the day I could finally shop again. So I drug SSBF on the trek across the Bay Bridge over to the outlets to celebrate. I was worried about what would happen once I was there. I'm not sure if it was a result of better self control or lack of selection but I left the outlets with only two bags and a price tag of $29.66 at J.Crew and $77.35 at Gap. I was tempted to head to the Mall in Columbia too but instead I did a little online shopping and ended up spending $21.14 at Old Navy. Finally, a trip to Target to pick up my prescription, a card for Mother's Day, and some glue totaled $18.51.

Total Spent: $255.34
Thoughts: It seems like to spend money when I am bored. I've already known for a long time that I have a tendency to eat when I am bored so I guess its not too far off that I also like to shop. I was expecting to spend more money on Saturday that I have on any other day and I think I did a pretty good job controlling the amount I spent.

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  1. I share the same weakness with boredom-either food or spending. I have been doing quite well recently, becoming more aware of my spending. Hang in there and think before you act.

  2. Sounds like you did great this week.... Congrats!!


  3. I have horrid spending habits, especially when it comes to food and books! Keep it up, good job this week =]

    Ripped Nylon


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