Monday, May 17

Susana de Moya Foundation Fundraising Luncheon

elkridge club 4

elkridge club 6

SSBF and I were invited to attend the Susana de Moya Foundation's Fundraising Luncheon on Sunday afternoon by one of SSBF's students. The Susana de Moya Foundations purpose is to "merit acdemic excellence and inspire Dominican youth" and SSBF's student had applied for and been awarded a scholarship through this foundation! Pretty impressive for a 6th grader I would say. I don't think I knew what a scholarship was in 6th grade..

It was an amazing experience to be there despite the fact I needed most of the luncheon translated to me by the students mother because they did a majority of the speaking in Spanish. We got to enjoy some delicious Latin cuisine and I was even serenaded by an up and coming Latin artist.


serenade 2

The event itself was held at The Elkridge Club in Baltimore. Now a golf course and country club the Elkridge Club was once a hunt club formed around the time of the Civil War. The building is original to that time period and is absolutely amazing.

elkridge club 3

elkridge club 7

I've been wearing this blazer a lot lately. Maybe its redundant, but I just can' get enough of it. It's been the perfect way to finish off any outfit. The dress has seriously been sitting in my closet for four years. I had to rip the tags off ysterday before putting it on! Everything in time, but four years?!

Oh well.

*Dress, random store in Michigan
*Blazer, Gap Outlet
*Shoes, Aldo
*Bag, Dooney & Bourke-- Thank you SSBF mom.


  1. Love ur beige blazer, Nice pictures, interestin story,GREAT BLOG GIRL ;)

  2. great outfit! I love the dress and that blazer jacket together!

  3. Wow, thanks for posting this, it's phenomenal how behind I am with the current* happenings of my own culture. I've never heard of this organization, must look into it! Looove the dress, btw :D

    Ripped Nylon


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