Wednesday, July 7

"stuff we haven't done in forever"




It has been hot as hell around here lately. Seriously. I'm hardly surprised, its pretty typical for us Mid-Atlantic states to get hit with a brutally hot summer after a ridiculously snowy winter. I've been mentally preparing myself for this since our second major snowstorm.

I think if I had to give Saturday a theme it would be " stuff we haven't done in forever." As of that morning SSBF and I had nothing really planned for the day but it all just kind of figured itself out. First SSBF wanted to go play putt putt which we haven't done in a lifetime so I was easily swayed. We found this golf park down by the airport that had a nice little course plus a driving range and batting cages. It was literally across from the runways so as we were playing planes were zooming over our heads. I've never been that close to a landing plane before, it was awesome. Then on the way home we stopped and got Slurpees from 7-11 (something we haven't done in forever). I think I actually forgot how delicious Slurpee's were. Is that possible? I'm not even much of a soda drinker but I think I could have a cherry & coke Slurpee everyday of my life. Later we went out for dinner to Champs and rented the movie (something we haven't done in forever)  "Remember Me". Have you seen it? I was a little skeptical of it because it starred Robert Pattinson and I've never seen him outside of his Twilight role but its reeeally good. You must see it.

What do you guys think of the romper and button up combo? I have been using my button down shirts as pseudo-cardigans lately. It's much lighter than a sweater which is great in sweltering heat. I like how the combination felt really beach-y. It was like being there, without actually being there.

One other quick thing I would like your opinion on, I want to know what you guys thought of my "Spending Diary" feature. I know I haven't done one in awhile but I was thinking about bringing it back, and was hoping to get some more reader submissions and participation. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?


  1. 1) I love your romper with the button up pulled over. I love layering my button ups over things too.

    2) I would love to see more spending diaries! I read them all. :) I'm very budget-conscious so I liked this feature.

    3) Remember Me's ending was SO random. But Robert Pattinson made for a sexy piece of sulky James Dean-esque eye candy in that film... and I don't even like Twilight!

  2. Hey Grace!

    Every once in awhile I'll read, and enjoy, your blog. I realized I knew that golf course as I am a local of that area. Small world. Anyway, did you win?

    ~another Money Smart Marylander

  3. I love the romper and button down! It looks incredibly chic on you! I have a feeling before summer's over, I will own a romper, but I haven't committed to it yet. You have re-lit that candle. The spending diary is a fabulous idea and I really like that segment. I would be happy to participate! Oh, and, if it isn't like a million degrees next week, would you like to meet up for coffee or a drink??

  4. Anon-- I didn't win:( the only thing I seem to be able to do well at mini golf is get at least one hole-in-one(while the rest are 4+). And SSBF wants me to learn to play on an actual course! HA!

    Megan-- I would love to! shoot me an e-mail or something and we can try to plan something!

  5. Okay, why am I just now finding your blog? I think we could be friends because we are both budget conscious fashionable ladies. I quickly read through some of the spending diaries and I think its such a great idea. I keep a very close eye on my spending. It is refreshing to see someone else not blowing their whole budget on a pair of shoes or something. Great find, and now I'm following you!

  6. Heard the Remember Me was great - eventhough I had the plot ruined for me...still would like to see Rob.
    I too am all about the fashion, follow it all, but I have a sewing business and I sew what I see. If I like something...I design and sew it. Can't $pend that kind of cash on trendy things. The classics yes, but I have been complimented the most on my fab finds at Winners (Canadian TJmax) plus what I have made myself.
    Anyhow, great blog. Have you been checking out the Haute Couture this season? It's crazy beautful!

  7. The romper/button down combo is just ridiculously awesome!! Love it.
    We just received Remember Me in the mail (netflix), and we'll watch it tonight! Glad to hear that it's good, cuz I was just about ready to be banned from picking up movies after a few kinda terrible ones. Good luck with your new cash plan. And speaking of money, I may be shooting you an email later to ask about the DC-area cost of living.


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