Sunday, August 8

Beach Essentials

I know what your are thinking, or at least should be. You are thinking "Grace, you are on vacation, why the heck are you blogging?" Well, let me tell you. Despite being in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina a minutes walk from the beach I am inside with SSBF because he just could not miss the first preseason football game. Silly SSBF. What is it about boys and football?
Since we're at the beach I thought I would share with you some of my beach "must haves".

2. CoverGirl Lash Blash Waterproof Mascara
5. Super Cute (and roomy) Beach Bag
6. iPod Shuffle
7. Straw Hat

When it comes to the beach I am pretty easy to please. Let me have my one make-up item that lasts after splashing in waves (or running away from jellies), sunblock that I can't feel clogging my pores, a simple cute cover-up for when I start to burn, a straw hat to annoy SSBF, and of course some tunes and I am happy.

What are some of the items you can't live without at the beach?


  1. This is really cool, Its about time I see someone saving money on all the stuff we need! You should check out my blog I have my lookbook picture on there too!

    Once again, Amazing blog!

  2. Great ideas, I use 28 SPF but didn't realize Aveeno offered up an even higher dose!! I love the cover up too, simple and chic. Hope you are having a great time! Leave it sports to bring us back to reality :)


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