Thursday, August 19

A Little Polka

Have Polka Dot Skirt on Money Smart Fashion (31)

 Have Polka Dot Skirt on Money Smart Fashion (26)

Have Polka Dot Skirt on Money Smart Fashion (12)

Have Polka Dot Skirt on Money Smart Fashion (28)

 Skirt- "Have" Coastal Karma in NC, Top- Martin & Osa, Sandals-Old Navy, Ring- C/O Agustina Fernandez Ofebre

I have a confession.
I am lazy, with a capital LAZY. If you give me the option between heels and flip-flops in the summer I will take the flip-flops 99% of the time. Hehe. I think that makes me a bad fashion blogger. But you guys still love me, right? Right?
Now that I got that off my chest we can get down to the important stuff. I realized the other day just how bad I am with money. The other day SSBF and I were having a conversation about what was a reasonable annual budget for clothes. I had said $3000 or $250 per month. SSBF naturally had taken the more conservative route (or generous depending on whose side you are on) with $1200 or $100 a month. I'll be honest, $3000 is a good chunk of change but I didn't think it was that much over a whole year. So in an attempt to prove my point to SSBF I decided to change those figures over into percentages. Well, let's just say $3000 is 8-10% of my after-tax income. 10 percent! Ugh.
Lesson learned.

On a brighter note how much do you love that initial ring? I won it through a giveaway over on Fashion Butter and it has barely left my finger since I picked it up at the post office on Saturday.
It is hand carved by the very talented Agustina Fernandez Ofebre. Checking out her etsy is a must. She has so many beautiful and affordable pieces. Perfect for any budget :)

Oh, and last thing I swear. I am obsessed with this silhouette. The slightly baggy top paired with the curve- hugging mini. I just love it. And you believe the skirt was only $20? Even SSBF can't argue with that.


  1. I agree, this is a fantastic silhouette on you. You look great! I love the polka dots.

  2. Love this skirt & I'm obsessed too, it's all I've done this summer- fashion wise. This ring is so pretty!


  3. Just found your blog and I love your style! That skirt is super cute! Check my blog out if you get time and happy Friday!

  4. oh, I'm lovin that skirt girl!


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