Wednesday, September 22

Currently Coveting

Last week I told you one of my secrets to shopping smarter was creating (and editing) a wish list. Well I recently updated mine to reflect the changing of the season and wanted to give you guys a peak at what's at the top of my list:

 Wrap Sweaters

wrap sweater

wrap sweater 2

Think the DKNY Cozy, but hopefully a little cheaper. A versatile piece that can be worn more than one way.

Over the Knee Boots


This is a carry over from last fall's wish list. I love the look of tights and shorts and would like to finish it off with a pair of these, in leather or suede.

(Faux) Fur Accents

J.Crew Fur Vest

J.Crew Fur Vest

I already have a bag, but would love to add a vest to my wardrobe. I don't wear a lot of colors so I like to play with texture to add interest to my outfits.

 Suede Nails

Maybe I'm a year late on this considering OPI launched their "suede" line in 2009  but.. I want I want I want.

Pretty Linens

berry sheet set

paisley bedding

A consequence of the Ikea trip, all of a sudden our bedding is not nearly good enough. At least it's something SSBF can enjoy also.

What's on your wish list right now?


  1. i am loving the wrap sweater and suede nails. i just love fall fashion!!

  2. Loving these looks too. The colors are amazing and I've already picked up some pieces with the same olive tone colors! I will go today and get those nail polishes!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! Budget blown...

  3. There's this wrap sweater from Victoria's Secret that I've had my eye on. You can wear it 15 different ways or something. It's $50 though.
    But.... That's technically like 15 different outfits for $50.... Hmmmm justifying spending is what always gets me in trouble.
    I love the Suede colors by OPI!

  4. Lovely! Those are great pieces. Love your blog!

  5. I love the suede nails by OPI, but I must be late as well cause I had not seen them till now. Nail polish is my new obsession, I must have the suede! Love fall!


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