Saturday, September 18

Necessity or Luxury?

Head Scarf on Money Smart Fashion (7)

Head Scarf on Money Smart Fashion

Head Scarf on Money Smart Fashion (8)
Slacks & Tank-Old Navy, Shirt & Scarf- J.Crew, Shoes-Aldo
It's not often I wear giant scarfs on my head so you can imagine SSBF's surprise when I came home from work on Friday with this sucker on. I really wish I could have had a camera ready, his face was that good.

The reason for the scarf, my friends, was simply because I was totally over my hair. It's been four months since my last cut and color and it is just gross you know? They layers are laying right, the color is faded, it's just gross. Therefore, I decided to cover it up. I kind of like the scarf, it's kitschy. Plus, it served a purpose, at work I could ignore people by pretending I just didn't hear them. haha. I'm very fortunate that my job comes with a very casual dress code. This is not a look that would have went over well at my former employer. Luckily, as we speak, or I guess as you read this, I am getting a (much needed) fresh cut and color.

A good haircut and color is a basic necessity for me. To my hairdresser's dismay though I try to delay our appointments as much as possible. Spending $90-$100 every 3 months is not exactly appealing to me, but in the end totally worth it. I try and treat my quartely hair appointment like my car insurance. I estimate what the cost over the year will be and start saving early. This helps me eliminate begging and  borrowing from other categories when the time comes for my appointment. The money is already there!

What about you? Is a haircut a necessity or luxury?
Do you have any items that are a necessity to you but may be a luxury to others?


  1. Necessity for sure, but I am lucky to have a pretty reasonable hair dresser cost, she has a happy hour of sorts that I try really hard to make!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. I have been trying to put off a hairbut for a while because I'm trying to grow it out but, nothing is going to happen with split ends... I think it's time

  3. I am spoiled in this regard because my husband is a hair stylist and I work in a salon so my hair is FREE! He gets a lot of pant hemming and other sewing out of me, so it balances. Some tips I can offer: beauty schools have cheap services. Also you can often find free cuts and color listed in the free section of by stylists who are auditioning at salons. You may have to go with what they want to do in that situation. Another idea is to have a hair night with a girlfriend. You can get the right brushed and equipment pretty cheaply at a beauty supply store and they last forever. You and your friend apply the color to each other's hair. The reason for this is it is very hard to get the color evenly through your own hair (especially the back). One of the biggest problems stylists face is uneven color from home dye jobs. At the end of the day, stylists are very well trained in the chemistry of hair color and the art of formulating the right color for a client. You shouldn't really attempt highlights or other effects at home but if you just want one color all over the head you can probably do a decent job at home with a little help.

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