Thursday, September 16

TGIT, TGIT to quit.

Fossil Dress on Money Smart Fashion (8)

Fossil Dress on Money Smart Fashion (2)

Fossil Dress on Money Smart Fashion (3)

Fossil Dress on Money Smart Fashion
Dress-Fossil, Top-Ann Taylor Loft, Blazer-J.Crew, Shoes-Steve Madden

TGIT, Thank Goodness its Thursday anyone? Let's just say I am over this week, and just about my whole fall semester and I am only 1 week in. I am excited that it is starting to feel more like fall. I love the chilly mornings and the perfectly warm afternoons. It is my kind of weather- layering weather.

I was so excited when my sister bought my this dress from Fossil. I saw it in their fall catalogue back in August and fell completely in love with it. The top is actually a mustard yellow but I liked the idea of layering this sequin shirt from Loft over it and make it monochromatic. It kind of matches how I've been feeling lately.. blah.

I hope you all are having a better week. Anyone have good plans for the weekend that I could live vicariously through as I do my homework?


  1. Over the week too! Love your tee as I am in love with everything sequined!

  2. I love the shimmery accents in this outfit :)

  3. oh honey, you're not going to live vicariously through me because sadly enough I'll be doing homework all weekend too :( I'm not sure what it is about this semester, but I'm feeling the same thing! I'm TOTALLY over my mgr. accounting prof and I've only had 3classes with him so far! what's that about?

    love the outfit! happy homework-doing this weekend.


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