Monday, November 29

Thanksgiving and Such...

thanksgiving and such (8)
sweater &cords-Gap, top-J.Crew, boots-Aldo

thanksgiving and such (9)
The star of Thanksgiving.. My niece Amelia.

thanksgiving and such (12)

thanksgiving and such (19)

thanksgiving and such (21)

thanksgiving and such (23)

SSBF spent Thanksgiving Day with my family and the remainder of the weekend Christmas shopping and decorating our house a little.

Against my own instincts I wore these skinny cords I went through hell and high water to finally secure. I was hoping the slim fit would help to corral my indulgence on Thanksgiving treats or at the very least a uncomfortable waistband would signal me when it was time to stop eating. To my surprise or maybe disdain these pants did neither of those things. I ate to my hearts content and did not even feel bad about it. (FYI-- if you are considering buying these cords from Gap I definitely recommend trying them on first, all the reviews online suggested sizing up so I did, and they were too big. I would say if you are pear shaped, sizing up may be right. Apple shaped? probably not.)

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping, decorating, and beating SSBF at scrabble. Ok to be fair I'm just leading 2 games to 1.  
How was your long weekend? 


  1. I purposely wore leggings and a tunic to Thanksgiving so I could stuff myself without feeling guilty. I'm currently beating my boyfriend at Scrabble too... 7 to 0. (Although to be fair it's been within 30 points most of the time.)I may take pity on him and let him win one...

  2. I love the pants plan. I just ended up wearing a flouncy dress so, no worries.

    I played Chess with BF and he beat me mercilessly but, if it was Scrabble it would have been the other way around!

    P.S. I gave you an award on my blog, check it out :)


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