Wednesday, November 17

Weekly Money Check-up

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Money can't buy happiness...
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1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on my gap card. Total bill $113.

2. Today I feel fan-freaking-tastic towards money. I finally rolled my 401k over to an IRA, my tooth is going to only cost $200 to remove, and I got a balance transfer offer in the mail from my bank for 1.9% with no fees! Hello interest savings...

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was took a walk around Ellicott City with SSBF. Ellicott City is a historic area in Maryland with loads of antique shops. We spent the afternoon rooting through vintage items and didn't spend a dime!

4. I will consider this week a success if I get an outfit post up. I've been really slacking on the personal style side of this blog. I'm kind of disappointed in myself, but at the same time it's not where my head has been. As much as this blog has been about my personal style in the past sometimes I didn't feel quite like myself writing it. Like, I was trying too hard to get your attention and ultimately lost focus on why I really started this blog: to talk about personal finance AND style. Anyway, I've been working to find my voice. I realize I may lose some readers which I don't want to happen but I want to take this blog in a direction that is more representative of me. I'm not a trendsetter by any means so I'm going to concentrate on what I do best, dressing well on a budget and organizing my life.
(wow, sorry for the rambling)

5. I am afraid of the dentist. Not just because I'm getting a tooth pulled on Friday either. I've been chock full of drama with my teeth since well, always. When I was little I used to cry when I had to go to the dentist,  and when my mom tried to brush my hair.


  1. Love your honesty in this post. Even though I first came here for your style...I will still continue to follow your blog about "finances" I like your techniques and can see myself using some from time to time.


  2. Good luck at the dentist. I am excited to see you're next post, outfit related or not :)


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