Thursday, December 9

Little Wins

Little wins, small victories, milestones, accomplishments, whatever you want to call them are the foundation of successfully acheiving long-term goals.

For me, little wins have played a big role in successfully paying down my debt over the last few years. It was the excitement of paying off a small balance, that kept me on track, even when all I really wanted to do was shop. It was the pride on SSBF's face when I celebrated one less outstanding balance that kept me motivated.

But, it's been awhile since I've felt that excitement. I've been slowly chipping away at my last credit balance for what seems like a lifetime with not much else but a (slowly) dwindling balance to show for it. Last night I finally got to feel the rush of accomplishment once again.

My little win?

For the first time in at least 3 years the interest on my card was under $100.

credit card

Have you had any little wins lately?


  1. CONGRATS! thats a HUGE win! It must feel good to know taht at least 80% of your payment is going to the principal!

  2. Congrats! I was the same way in the beginning with my debt, within a year having gotten rid of one or two monthly payments and now I'm dealing with the big monsters and it's so much less gratifying... I have been contemplating taking out a personal loan (with a lower interest rate naturally) to consolidate but, I am still non-commital.


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