Friday, January 7

FBFF: Blog Envy

Jealous? Sometimes maybe.

Hair Envy

Closet Envy

This week the FBFF is answering questions about blog envy. Do you have it? Did you ever have it? How do you deal? What are you doing to make yourself great? Should I stop asking rhetorical questions and get on with it already?

1. Have you ever looked at someones blog and thought yours will never measure up? OMG Yes. Yes. Yes. and Yes. I think it is only natural to compare yourself to others. And now it's even easier to do so. What really determines your own success is what you do after the comparison. I could simply accept that my blog may not measure up, or I could do something about it. Figure out what I would like to do differently and make a plan.

2. Do you (did you) feel pressure to meet some kind of undefined standard for fashion bloggers? I wouldn't say I felt pressure to meet a standard but for awhile, basically the last two months of 2010, I was really questioning whether my own style was "blog-worthy". I think that's why I started doing less outfit posts. I saw what other bloggers were wearing, and how successful they were, and questioning my own style. I was attempting to wear clothes or combinations that just didn't feel right, which translated to my outfit posts, which then led to frustration. I took my break from blogging over Christmas for this reason (coupled with spending time with family) to reevaluate, and figure out what my style was. I felt like I really made some breakthroughs after a week of dressing for myself and no one else. My break led to a closet purge and positive outlook for 2011. I am only me. I will dress how I want to dress and if you don't like it, oh well.

3. Many established fashion bloggers are also extraordinary DIYers, bakers, and crafty people. Do you think you need to combine all of these things to be successful at blogging? I don't think that you need to combine all of those things to be successful. However I think it's important for a blog to have multiple facets. Readers want to know more then just what a person wore that day and showing off other talents in addition to impeccable taste keeps people coming back.

4. The most successful blogs are the ones that have their own personal voice - how are you developing your voice or how did you find yours? I think I am discovering my voice everyday. My blog started because after undergoing my own financial education I wanted people to know what I went through and how I'm getting myself out of it. I try to stay true to my roots of balancing finance posts with fashion. Oddly enough I've discovered more about myself after a week of non-blogging then I did in a whole year of it. Like I said in question 2, I have a much more positive outlook, so expect to see more of Grace in 2011.

5. Toot your own horn... what's one thing you do that is unique to you and your blog? What gives your blog an edge? I go where no other style bloggers have gone before: Personal Finance. It's all my talk of emergency funds, budgets, and savings accounts that keeping people coming back for more. I mean who doesn't want to read about that? Seriously though, money and style go hand in hand. While people are out there talking about how to spend "less money" I'm talking about what you should do with the money you saved by not spending at all.

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  1. Not sure how I have never found your blog before but I AM HOOKED!! Love the Personal Finance angle -- so needed for a blogger/shopaholic like me :)

    Great answers too!

  2. LOVE your answer to #1.....I think you are doing a fab job here...keep up the great work!!

  3. Wonderful answers! I love that you are blogging about personal finance. It's great that you have a more positive outlook now :)

    Kirstin Marie

  4. Great responses, and I love your blog's personal finance angle. After 8 months of blogging, I definitely want to focus on being more fiscally responsible in 2011. Keep up the good work!


  5. Ohhhh my god...I don't think I have EVER seen anything as beautiful as that closet. I need it. I am drooling over it. It's lovely! I love this interview! I always look at blogs and think mine will never amount to theirs...hahaha:)

  6. That closet is amazing. Can you IMAGINE having that?!
    I think it is so important to talk honestly about finance. So much of this blog world is about spending money, I imagine that many bloggers have trouble managing their finances and I think that is terrible. Good for you for addressing the issue!

    The Auspicious Life


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