Tuesday, January 11


OMG it was windy on Saturday. How windy was it? This windy..

collar with the fur (10)

Sexy right? It was cold too, which you can proably read all over my face. I would never make it on America's Next Top Model for that very reason, that and I'm not 5'10" or a minor. Alas, I'm moving forward with this outfit post anyway.

collar with the fur (14)

collar with the fur (16)

collar with the fur (7)

collar with the fur (8)
Sweater: Von Maur (gift from best friend)
Flannel: Old Navy (borrowed from SSF)
Top: Gap $15
Jeans: Gap $45 (sale)
Boots: Coach $190 (purchased with giftcard $0 out-of-pocket)
Belt: Gap Outlet $10
Total Outfit: $70

Are you surprised I am wearing one of SSF shirts? You shouldn't be, I've been living in his closet. He found me in there the other day cuddling with his flannels. That's beside's the point though. The true purpose to this post it to tell you that this sweater didn't actually come with that fur collar. Shocking, I know. I got all pseudo crafty up in here. Inspired by Christine, I borrowed the (faux) fur collar from a vest and temporarily stitched it on to this sweater. I think the vest might not get it's fur back. But what do you think?

I'm also obsessed with long sweaters right now. I left for Michigan with zero and came back with two, and both of them were gifts (read: free). This one I love because it is cable knit and crazy warm. I've been wearing it as a coat to work and such. I love it.

There was one more thing I wanted to add... Hey Gap, wtf is up with my saggy jean legging knees? Disappointing. I haven't had them that long.

end scene.


  1. Mine don't get saggy in the knees... they get saggy in the butt. I've even washed them on warm to shrink them up a little. Not as tight as they were...


  2. Love the cardigan. Where is the necklace from?

  3. Ahhhhhhhh! Yayyyyy! That's the sweater I gave you! I was all ohhhh that's a cute sweater I wonder where she got it, then I was like I feel like I've seen this sweater and by pic 3 I realized I gifted it! Hehehhee! Is this what Rachel Zoe feels like?

  4. Omgoodness, that sweater looks SO COMFY! I heart this look!!! Loveth those booties, too :)

  5. That slouchy sweater is awesome, I especially like the fur collar!

    My gap skinny pants are saggy in the knees also... what a pain!


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