Wednesday, January 5

Sunday, Rainy Sunday

here comes the rain (5)

here comes the rain (9)

here comes the rain (3)

here comes the rain (7)
Shirt: H&M $25
Sweater: Younkers $14 [after merchandise credit]
Jacket: Express $24
Pants: C/O Lands End Canvas
Shoes: Forever 21 $24
Scarf: Target $12
Total Outfit: $99

SSF's birthday was on Sunday and all he wanted was for it to rain, so I made it rain. Best girlfriend fiancée ever. Alright, so maybe I didn't make it rain and maybe that wasn't all SSF wanted but I did take him out for a birthday brunch at our favorite little dining spot. Then as part of his birthday present I held a gun to his head and made him take outfit pictures for me. heh heh heh just kidding....

During my week off from blogging I cleaned out my closet. Look at how much of it was totally useless.


This was my second outfit after my full-on closet purge and it felt good. Not only was it easier to find the stuff I like without all the other crap getting in the way, I didn't put on any of the other said crap that doesn't make me feel good about myself. It was a win-win. A clean closet makes it much easier to reach in a grab something out without thinking. I like not thinking. I also like my hair right now. Thank you hair for being awesome, keep up the good work.


  1. You are so positive! I love cleaning out my closet and getting rid of stuff I no longer love.

  2. i agree, i just love that feeling after a good closet purge. i feel like my outfits have gotten 10x better!

  3. Good job cleaning out the closet! Those last three words make me think of R Kelly... so sad

  4. Can't wait to clean out my closet once I get back to school, I feel so cluttered. First stop will be Buffalo Exchange and then Goodwill to get rid of it all.

  5. I looove this outfit. Seriously. Everything about it!

    Cleaning out my closet is my favorite!! Getting rid of things I no longer wear is such a good feeling.

    KF x

  6. I love cleaning out my closet! Great look!

  7. I need to clean out my closet sooooo bad, thanks for reminding me;)

  8. Your hair does look great. I did a jeans clean out. I find it really really hard to purge the shirts. Even though I add about 5 new shirts a month. ugh

  9. you have such a positive view on a clean closet! i just feel guilty about all the stuff i paid for and dont wear. but youre right about being able to just grab n go easier....

    ps - hair envy...i have it!!!

  10. What a great outfit! Girl, I want your hair so bad.


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