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jeans: juicy couture; tank: target; blazer: gap outlet; scarf: old navy; necklace: c/o JewelMint.

 You know what really grinds my gears? I had this post up and running on Thursday when blogger suddenly crapped out! Although they "claim" to have restored everything back to pre-crash state, I beg to differ. Anyway this isn't about them. This is about JewelMint. Have you heard of them? No? That's ok I hadn't either until they reached out and asked me to do a product review.

JewelMint is a pretty neat [yeah, I said neat] concept. It's a members only jewelry site that gives you exclusive access to actress Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter's jewelry line. The line completely embodies Kate's style which is a great thing if you are into her. The piece I'm wearing is the "Cosmic Fusion" necklace. I've become slightly obsessed with it. I basically wear it with whatever I can. I think that's a good thing, or possibly redudant. Either way the whole line is completely wearable and for $29.99/ item it is basically a steal. Sure you could get something cheaper that lasts a few wears from Forever 21, but this is quality stuff. [Remember, Money Smart Fashion rule #1... quality over quantity] There is never an obligation to buy but there is some fine print on how to opt out any month you don't wish to participate. Get the full scoop on how it work's here.

I know what you are thinking so I will cut to the chase. Just follow this link, and check out JewelMint. If you like what you see, or more importantly, really like one thing you see between now and June 1st use the offer code "Money50" to get 50% off your first item. That's just $14.99!

What are you waiting for? Go. There is nothing left to see here except a cat.


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