Sunday, June 5

Coupon Sunday: Mtv Cribs Style


As you all know, I've recently become a couponer. Not an extreme couponer by any means, just you know an average couponer. With this recent development I thought it would be fun to start doing a Sunday blog post dedicated to the sport ( I think if I call it a sport it sounds less nutty.) for anyone who is interested. I figure it will be like the part in Mtv cribs were the celebrities show off the contents of their refrigerator, expect subtract the celebrity and their Cristal and add me and my Perdue chicken nuggets (dinosaur shaped, of course).

The above is our "haul"/ groceries from this past week. (Please note the absence of 80 containers of microwaveable noodles and 100 bottles of vitamin water. ) As you can see there is nothing crazy about what we bought, just mostly about what we saved. Our order retailed for about $152.16 while we paid only $75.38, or just under 50% of the retail total. Not bad right?

Some of the notable savings were:

Tortilla Chips: reg price: $3.49, on sale BOGO free + 2 $1 off 1 coupons
= price paid $1.49 for 2 bags.
Smart Balance Milk: reg price: $4.49, on sale 2/$5 +$1.50 off 1 coupon
= price paid $1.00 for half gallon.
Brownie Mix: reg price: $2.39, on sale 4 /$5 + $ .50 off 1 coupon (doubled)
 = price paid $.25 each box.
Toothpaste: reg price: $.99, $1 off one coupon
= price paid $0.00 Free!
Chicken Nuggets: reg price: $3.99, on sale 2/$5 + (2) $.50 off 1 coupons (doubled)
 = price paid: $1.50 each
Smoothie Mix: reg price: $3.99, on sale 2/$6 + $.75 off coupon (doubled)
= price paid: $1.50
Tide Stain Release Packs: reg price $7.49, on sale $5.99 +$3.00 off coupon
= price paid: $2.99

I like to think SSF and I have found a good balance between buying what we need for the week and great deals to stockpile.

Even with 55 items our total bill came in $17 under our average grocery bill for the month of April (the current baseline).


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