Friday, September 30

Mixing (Animal) Prints

We've been knee deep in personal finance the last couple posts so I thought today would be a great chance to sneak in an outfit post.

top: gap; jacket: banana republic; jeans: old navy; shoes: target; jewelry-mixed. 

How timely of me to choose animal print for my outfit the same day Christina announced her next Bloggers Do It Better Challenge. While I would love to have a leopard print top of some sort, maybe a nice lounge-y sweater piece, it's not in the budget (as SSF would say) so I will have to just stick with my leopard print shoes and my giraffe print cuff bracelet. Not bad though for things I've had just lying around the house.

On another note, I think I've moved past the useful life of these denim leggings. While the price point was compelling last fall when I bought them (around $17) they haven't held up against the washing machine as well as I would have liked. (Lesson learned: don't buy $17 dollar jean leggings hoping they will last)

Finally, If you look closely at the last picture you may notice I'm wearing the state of Pennsylvania around my neck. Awesome right? I have to tell you, I'm kind of obsessed. My sister bought it for me for my birthday (after I e-mailed her the link--I like people that can take a hint). It's designed and sold by Maya Brenner.  I'm totally obsessed with her stuff right now. (I'm not even kidding you that this necklace may have inspired the design behind my whole wedding invitation suite.

Anyway, it's Friday! Everyone go and enjoy their weekend. I know I will. SSF and I have a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant and a Groupon for movie tickets. I smell a date night (cause that's how we roll).

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