Monday, December 5

Smart Fashion: Cheetah Print





Full disclosure: I was in my pj's until at least 2 on Saturday. The end of my semester is quickly approaching (yay!) so I spent the morning finishing up some papers and powerpoints. I threw this one to run some errands with SSF. I've been plotting this outfit in my head all week so I couldn't resist the opportunity to wear it. Even if it meant wear it for a trip to Harris Teeter to pick up a pizza and a redbox (sidenote: Bad Teacher was kind of hilarious, I don't care what you say).

This is one of the shirts from Goodwill I bragged about. Not to shabby, eh?.
I would wear this shirt everyday, but I think people would catch on. I mean cheetah print isn't exactly inconspicuous.

How was your weekend?

Ps. I moved my outfits deets to the bottom there so I could include some prices. It's something I've always wanted to do, you know, just to keep myself in check. Let me know if you love it or hate it.

Outfit by the Numbers: 
Shirt (Goodwill): $4
Sweater (Old Navy): $15*
Jeans (Gap): $26
 Shoes (Aldo): $60
Total: $105

*now $10.49 in store
**Accessories not included

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