Saturday, January 10

Welcome! I'm Grace
I live near Baltimore Maryland with my Super-Saving Fiance (I call him SSF for short) and our 3 fashion cats: Dolce, Gabanna, and Chloe.

I love clothes, DIY projects, and most days my job.
I hate debt. 

You see, thanks to reckless spending in my college years, I just recently paid off a heap or credit card debt and that was only half the battle. Now I'm fighting the good fight against student loans.

As a result, Money Smart Fashion isn't just a blog... it's a way of life.

I've committed myself to a life of frugal living and conscious spending, no matter how much I want these boots. You will find that I write about a lot of different things. To make it easy on everyone I've started categorizing my posts under 5 labels.

(Money) Smart Fashion: Outfit posts, DIY's related to clothing and accessories, and inspired by posts.

(Money) Smart Living: Saving money, budgeting, personal development,  and any sage financial advice I can offer.

(Money) Smart Eating: Recipes, couponing tips, and other things food related.

(Money) Smart Doing: Travel, events, get togethers, you know, the fun stuff.

(Money) Smart Home: Home decor, DIY's related to the home, and maybe some stuff about cats.

So I hope now that you are here, you stay awhile.

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