Saturday, April 25

I <3 bloomingdale's

I did my weekly scan of my account balances (to make sure everything looked legit) this morning and stumbled upon a small interesting detail, Bloomingdale's Visa had raised my limit again. When I say again I mean for the third time in about 6 months. Quite a contradiction to what has been happening to other people's credit accounts.

While the old loo loo would have celebrated this small fact by spending more of course, I celebrated for an entirely different reason thanks to Bloomingdale's Visa my utilization rate keeps getting better and better.

Yes, it sounds totally lame, but like most people know (except for maybe some enterprise car sale people) that's a big part of your credit score. So they technically improved my credit score and I didn't have to do anything!

Now if only they could make the rest of my balance disappear...

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