Saturday, September 19

Starting Over

Well, its been quite awhile since the last time I posted . I am going to try and be better with this blog. I've created a to-do list, and one of my items is to blog more frequently (here's the full list if you are interested).

Now, to get right down to it.

I must admit I have really let myself go as far as my budget, the last month or so. I blame it on the changing of the season and the loads of amazing fall clothes. ( I'm a september baby, so fall is by far my favorite season.) I found myself drooling over so many things, the relaxed knee-high boots, harem pants and flannel! I personally love anything relaxed and casual so I am obsessed with all of the above and not to mention the just baggy enough boyfriend fit.

I've decided to create a top 5 of my things for fall (that I have, or just realllllly want)

1. Juicy Couture "Raquel Loafers"

* on sale at for 96.90 (50% off)

I haven't bought these yet. I've come very close a few times, I mean very close, just shy of submit payment. But I just can't justify them. I've been trying to look for a comparable pair, but nothing seems as good.

2. LL Bean 3-in-1 Coat

* $199 at

While it is not really on trend by any means this made my top 5 because it is waterproof and is basically 2 coats in 1, it has a shell inside that can be removed and either of them can be worn separate. I'm not a big fan of the price, but I need a coat like this for work since my job involves me going outside in any kind of weather.

3. Steve Madden "Cybul" boots

* $99 at

Love, love, love the relaxed, flat, knee high boots. I love the silhouette of these boots, paired with skinny or boyfriend jeans and a loose fitted cardigan or wrap sweater or even a flannel shirt. That combo just screams fall to me. I'm holding out on buying them mostly because since this is the mid-atlantic, it probably wouldn't get cool enough for them until the middle of October.

4. The boyfriend jean

* $59.50 at

These are the exact ones I bought, I wanted to try them considering my frame was ideal for them, and I thought $59 was a pretty reasonable price for an on-trend pair. I love them so much though that its hard to get me out of them on the weekend.

5. Plaid Shirts

* $39 at

To go along with my comfortable theme, I have always loved flannel, maybe not so much kurt cobain, oversized flannel of the early 90's, but regular fitted flannel.

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