Sunday, September 20

My Must Have--- updated.

I have been wearing "wife beaters" for as long as I remember. I layer them under everything. In fact, its gotten to the point where I feel uncomfortable without one. However, since I just turned 25 I thought maybe I should give my go to tank an upgrade.

In steps the new love of my life-- The J.Crew "Perfect Tank" * 18.00.

While it is a little pricier then my former 5 for $10 pick, I have decided its worth the money. I can layer it under my work clothes without looking and feeling juvenile. Luckily they have been on promotion for the last couple weeks so I've been able to stock up for less.

Also, speaking of J.Crew they offer a student and teacher discount. So if you are a student (like myself) or a teacher ( like SSBF) you get a 15% discount!

However, if you can't justify spending $18.00 for a tank I did spot some look-a-likes at Old Navy recently for just $10.00. From what I saw, they are dead ringer, and good lower cost option.

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