Monday, September 21

Credit Card Re-Cap

Since I am back in the mode of tackling my debt, instead of stringing it along at a leisurely pace I thought I would address just how much I still owe. I previously kept a spreadsheet and track my payments and interest accrued each month, but after I paid off my store cards I slightly derailed from that method.

However, per my to-do list, I have  couple finacial burdens to over come. Including paying off at least one thing this year, setting up a automatic debit to Sallie Mae, and giving up shopping for 1 full month (we'll come back to that later).

So here is my list of debts and balances:

Bloomingdale's Visa: $8720 --- by far the worst offender

BB&T Visa: $3228--- not pretty, but i'm not getting killed with interest either.

J.Crew: $0

Victoria's Secret: $0


Best Buy: $1300--- this was from a TV SSBF and I bought for the new house, its sitting on my card accruing 0% interest, while our money sits in the ING accruing a meager amount.

PFFCU Loan: $2315--- this is the one I most want to check off the to-do list.

Just seeing it all there in front of me makes me cringe. If only I had this constant reminder everytime I saw something I absolutely "needed".  However I am determind to make this all go away a lot faster then it has been. So I can actually do the fun stuff on my list, like trips to Denver and Atlantic City.

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