Wednesday, September 23

SSBF is going to kill me...

I was curious to see how badly I had fallen off the horse the last couple months of the summer (July-September) so I logged onto and.....

$1226 on shopping! (clothes + target). SSBF is going to kill me when he sees this! Ok, maybe not actually kill me, but possibly.

I need a plan of action... something that will help me put that thousand dollars to my debt instead of new clothes.

This is what I've come up with so far..

1. I added $100 to my monthly payment on my pffcu loan, in an attempt to pay it off sooner by moving the money I was contributing to my savings account each month to that account. From my calculations I should be able to pay it off within 9 months if I pay $225/month instead of $125

2. I unsubscribed from all the alerts I get from stores to limit the temptation.

3. I started keeping track of all my spending again, and planning for upcoming events ( like an oil change for subbie, dr.'s appointments etc. )

4. I have given myself a $20/ pay period allowance on random things, like snacks and drinks while I'm working. So at least I won't feel guilty if I do spend a little bit on those things.

5. I'm taking a shopping sabbatical. Starting October 1, clothes, shoes, and accessories will be off limits for 30 days.

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