Sunday, October 25

My love/hate relationship with Old Navy

Ok, so its not just Old Navy. Its stores like Old Navy.. you know the Forever 21's and Wet Seals of the world. The stores that carry the super trendy clothes with super cheap price tags. I think maybe its a personal problem, but as much as I want to buy everything in those stores because they are dead knock off of something I've seen at a fraction of the price, nothing ever seems to fit me as well as the original.

Case in point: Tissue Tee Turtlenecks

originally seen at: J.Crew (where else?) $39.50

Cheaper at: Old Navy : $15.00 (half price if you buy 2 or more)

A cool savings of $24.50

However what I saved in cash money I lost in quality and fit. The material felt a little cheaper, and as far as size, I was swimming in the Small, while the Extra Small.. I was afraid to put in the dryer.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some things that kind of fit me right.. which is the most frustrating of all. If some fit, why can't all?

Does anyone else have this problem with any brands?

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