Thursday, October 29

Welcome back Old Navy

So as of today, I'm back to loving Old Navy for 3 reasons.

1. Fair Isle Sweater Coat-- I love this  and all (ok most) wrap sweaters, and there is just something about a fair isle print that screams winter.. and cozy too. $39.50 (On promotion for $35)

2. Metallic (and better fitting) tanks! Um yes, kind of in love and at  2 for $15 I can afford to be. (reg. 10.50) Oddly enough when I held this tank up the XS looked wide and a little boxy much like the picture. I bought it anyway hoping that it was just deceiving, much like the stores mirrors, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it was actually a perfect fit.  


3. I found my gray sweater with jewled buttons, you know the one I was on a mission for.  For some reason they don't have a picture of one in gray on the website, but here it is in an argyle. I'm worried about the buttons falling off, but nothing a good ol' needle and thread can't fix. Not to mention the sweater is super soft. Loves. $29.50



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