Sunday, November 1

Must Have: Blazers

Recently, I have become obsessed with blazers. Well let me start from the beginning. I work for Enterprise Rent A Car, which suprisingly,  is ridiculously conservative. How conservative? Well conservative enough to have formally removed pantyhose from the dress code only year ago. Despite working conditions ( having to wash a car on occasion) they prefer to have everyone dressed in suits.

For me there is just one problem with this, I hate suits. Mostly the monochromatic nature of them. I've never felt comfortable in a black pant and suit jacket. Maybe I am crazy, (ask me about my black shoe adversion) but I have been trying to avoid the inevitable for the last two years by using cardigans and sweaters as somewhat viable substitutes to the suit jacket. Sadly enough until the blazer trend started late summer I hadn't even though of it as a solution.

That is until I bought a lightweight twill version over the summer. I started layering it over my sleeveless tops with my black dress pants. Then I dusted off my black suit jacket which was probably last worn at some training event and wore that with a pair of gray pants, and then khaki. Soon I realized I was alternating them both with everything.

Now in the morning I find myself trying to reinvent my jackets/ pants combinations and on the weekends I find myself combing every retail site I know in search of the perfect gray blazer, and maybe a few others in patterns or intresting materials.

Here are some of my favorites:

J.crew schoolboy J.Crew Wool Schoolboy Blazer $188.00

velvet eden blazer J.Crew Velvet Eden Blazer $148.00

gap blue plaid Gap Shrunken Wool Blazer ( in blue buffalo plaid-- my favorite part) $98.00

Not only do the blazers look great with any pants, it is a cheaper alternative to buying a full suit everytime you want another jacket and its a look conservative enough even for Enterprise.

Now if I could only get over my black shoe thing, and cover the tattoo on my foot, then I 'd be an Enterprise poster girl.

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