Tuesday, October 20

On a mission...

ok, so let's totally overlook the fact that I found myself in Old Navy today (leaving with a bag of items. only 3 promise. and I might return them) and focus on the point of this post. I am on a mission for a perfectly heather gray cardigan. I had one that was a cotton-cashmere blend  from Express for the longest time and I wore it into oblivion. literally.

I've seen version's of what I want, like this sweater ( also from Express) with the rhinestone buttons. ($49.50)

Express sweater2

but that gray is just too dark.

I like the gray in this sweater from J.Crew ($78.00)

Jcrew sweater

but I need that gray all in one, in a shorter length cardigan, with rhinestone buttons.. Is that too much to ask?

On a side note, while I was shopping I was trying to decide whether how often Old Navy ripped off J.Crew was a good thing or bad thing.

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