Saturday, October 17

No Spending Month: Day 17

Well I'm proud to say that after my one slip-up for the flannel shirt (which was totally worth it) I am back on the wagon. My monthly spending total has been held at $15 (plus 6% sales tax). However, I must say it has been extremely difficult, mentally. Especially when I have J.Crew, refinery29, and every other clothing and fashion outlet sending me e-mails everyday.

That was the good news.

The bad news is I'm finding myself looking for loopholes in my own rule!

Example: I spent $30 on wallflowers from bath and body works, because my co-worker who has a second job there told me they were on sale, and got an additional discount for me.

I also debated to myself whether or not my no spending rule should have differentiated between wants and needs.

Example: The weather here has turned very, very fall like. So tights for under my work skirts have become a necessity, so is it justified to buy them? or do I need to wait until November 1?

So far I've resisted, and over come my own objections. I am fairly sure though this is supposed to get easier. Maybe by November 1 I won't even have a desire to shop (yeah right).

we'll see.

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