Wednesday, November 11

Gap, back in the jewelry game

A couple years ago I bought this necklace from Gap

gap necklace

... and it was well worth the 20 or so dollars I spent on it back in the early 2000's because it still remains a critical part of my jewelry rotation.

And now after a long reprieve, Gap is back in the game. Their collection is simple, yet on point and current. Much like the necklace I bought a couple years ago they have kept that structure and incorporated some metals and different textures and prints.

My favorites?

Falling Leaves Necklaceplaid chain necklace


1. Falling Leaves Necklace: $29.50

2. Plaid Chain Necklace:$29.50

See the full collection here.

What do you think about the collection?

Where have your favorite peices come from?

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