Saturday, November 14

I'm so excited...

Today at the mall I  found and purchased (naturally) the Gap Blazer I featured a couple posts back in Must Have: Blazers

gap blue plaid

Originally $98.00, it was on sale for $59.99. PLUS, it is their family and friends weekend so I received an additional 30% off, bringing my cost to own to $44.51 with tax!

I'm very excited.

And some other things to note, I had signed up awhile ago to receive e-mails from my local mall about sales and such, and they sent me an email earlier this week offering a no strings attatched $10 mall gift card, just for going to the mall and picking it up.  I was also able to forward the e-mail to friends (read SSBF) so we were able to collect $20 in free cards.

Which then prompted us to vow not to spend full price on anything for christmas. So I am planning on keeping a tracker of what gifts I bought to see how I can do this christmas on my spending...

More on that to come, including a budget.

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