Friday, November 20

Thinking about Direct Selling...

At work on Tuesday I had to pick up a "fleet" customer from her house and bring her in to the office to rent a car. ( A fleet customer is someone who is renting to replace their company car, while it's in the shop) Well, this customer is a sales director for Mary Kay, so naturally the entire ride back, and while I wrote up her ticket in the office she was talking to me about the benefits of being an independent rep for Mary Kay.

I have to say I've always been curious about direct selling company's like Avon and Mary Kay, but also very wary of them. I like the income potential, but at the same time I've always viewed it as "hawking" something to people you don't know. An opinion  I would probably say comes from my sister's failed attempts at things like this.

While usually my thoughts about opportunities like this come and go quite quickly, I have been thinking about this  since the woman drove on the lot on Tuesday.

I have made a list of Pro's and Con's

Pro: It will provide me with the extra cash I always complain I don't have.

Con: It will take $100 of my scarce cash to start. And if I don't make any money, I have lost $100.

Pro: It's all on my schedule, and I can do as little or as much as I want.

Con: I have to fit it in among my full-time job, and grad school

Pro: It will help me meet people

Con: I will feel really uncomfortable at first telling people I am selling Mary Kay.

Those are just a few, I really could go on.

Ultimately I have to make a decision, and I may make one today, because the lady said she was going to call me this morning at work. I reached out to my friend and former co-worker that now works only part-time while she runs her Slumber Parties by Kerry business ( check out her site here.) She seems happier then ever.

So, I think I may need to just take the bull by the horns on this one.

And on a side note, I wish I wasn't working on Black Friday or else I would be here....


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