Saturday, January 2

Holy Crap, It's 2010

There are three things I love most... Collared Shirts, Cardigans, and Boots.

The past couple days I've been thinking a lot about resolutions. I've attempted to write a resolution post on more than one occasion, but didn't like how they turned out. Through all the writing, and rewriting I realized that I attempt to make resolutions every year, and like so many others, fail. If there is anything I do know about myself is that I work better in the short-term and am results driven, so why did I keep making long-term goals year after year? Mentally I have been overwhelming myself with things I liked to change (eating habits, gym routines, how much I spend on clothes).  However, I don't think I'm ready for all those changes. So instead of making resolutions, I'm going to make challenges. (I know how cheesy that sounds, just bear with me)

1. I'm challenging myself to reinvent my wardrobe each and everyday (and no, this doesn't mean buying something new everyday SSBF) it means being creative, and wearing my clothes in combinations I never have before. How am I going to track my progress? Right here of course.

2. I'm challenging myself to do the things I never do because of my lack of money (visit out-of-state friends, take vacations with SSBF, spend money without regret). How do I plan to do it? Since I know I function best with short-term goals I'm going to set up sub-accounts in my ING (thank you Ramit Sethi) for the goals I want to save for. Keeping that money off-limits for unnecessary splurges.

3. I'm challenging myself to do what makes me happy, instead of what pays the bills (ok, well I'm still going to do what pays the bills, at least for a while). But I want to volunteer, more specifically for a local chapter of the Women's Alliance, a non-profit that gives women the career clothes and skills necessary to succeed. I also want to start my own side business so I can begin to rely on myself more and my employer less.

What are you going to challenge yourself to do this year?

Shirt, Tuxedo Tunic, J. Crew

Boyfriend Cardigan, Gap

Leggings, Target?

Boots, Zigi Soho, DSW

Bag, JPK Paris, Nordstrom

Scarf, Old Navy

Belt, F21

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