Tuesday, January 5

if wearing birkenstocks is a crime...

Then I'm guilty. I can't help it, when its cold outside and I've already exhausted all the boots in my closet this week, ballet flats just do not sound appealing (although would look equally good with this outfit).


Also, it is impossible to find good lighting in my house. Nonetheless, I wanted to reinforce my love of collared shirts and cardigans (not really though, this was just coincidence). SSBF and I were planning on going to wander around Ikea on Sunday, instead I got dressed and decided I didn't want to go.

So instead I spent the half the day trying to move my blog over here, which is damn near impossible, one third fancying it up, and the other third constantly checking the items I listed on ebay in hope some crazy bidding war broke out (not yet) .

I hope you like it.

PS. Piperlime is offering 20% off Sale, today only. If you are still looking for some winter shoes ( like I am, always) I would head over to Piperlime and use the offer code: treat4me at checkout.

* Shirt, Old Navy
* Sweater & Belt, Banana Republic
* Jeans, Gap
* Shoes, Birkenstocks
* Necklace, Juicy Couture

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