Saturday, January 9

My new obsession...

So yesterday while at work a thought occurred to me. I love skinny jeans. LOVE them. I also look good in skinny jeans, (I swear I'm not bragging) from a 100% style perspective, the cut flatters my figure. So why on earth are all of my work pants either like a boot cut or some sort of wide leg trouser concotion? I have no hips are thighs to really conceal. What the hell? My conclusion: I need staright leg or skinny work pants.

Now, the problem is there is a fine line I must tip-toe but never cross with my skinny pants. You see, my company bans cropped pants from their dress-code and most skinny pants (in fabrics like wool or twill) are cropped to a degree.

I did some researching and found a couple of options. The first, the most expensive of course from Shopbop are from Theory and of course my favorite. Meet: The Gratilla Pant. At $235 are a little bit out of my price range, however a baseline for what I'm looking for in a pant. They have enough length that I could make the arguement, if necessary, that they are indeed full length pants and provide the same kind of shape as a jean.

Next up, the Stretch Twill Minnie Pant from J.Crew. At $89.50 they are clearly more affordable. But as you can see are a little shorter on the the length. Now the good news is that J.Crew pants tend to run a little long for me, so if it holds true for these pants, they might just work perfectly. Although, $89.50 is still more then I would want to spend.

Finally, the Express Barely Boot. At $49.50 they are in my price range, but I do have a couple of concerns. First off they are not 100% straight or skinny so I'm not sure that they would truly give me the look I'm going for. Secondly, I think depending on the length that these pants could either be super flattering, or just plain bad. I could have them altered.. but that is just more money.

Regardless, I am obsessed, and have added my first must-have to the list for 2010.

What do you think about skinny pants at work?

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