Thursday, January 14

Haircuts and Hugs.

So here it is, the official unveiling of my haircut. I was seriously nervous when I was getting it done because I've never had such dark hair before. And bangs? Well I haven't had them since 8th grade when it was cool to take a round brush/curling iron and make them curl out as far as possible. If fact, I had a little deja vu while she was styling them. However, it turned out even better then I thought it would, and I am totally in love with my own hair. Thank you Jen at Elements of Style. If you live in the Baltimore area this is a great salon to check out. The girls are fantastic and the prices are super reasonable ($65 for a cut and color). Its a little bit of a drive being that its in Sykesville, but it definitely worth it.

My job isn't a very touchy feely one. People need cars, I rent them cars. This isn't Extreme Makeover by any means. More often then not we get a lot of irritated, frustrated, annoyed and downright rude customers that make you wonder if there is such a thing called tact, or even common courtesy left in the world. But not yesterday. Yesterday I left my job feeling appreciated for the first time in a long while. I was helping a customer switch into a SUV last night. (In Maryland, everyone is a little worried that snow will strike at any moment and leave anyone without four wheel drive stranded) Anyways, she was super sweet and as I was finishing up with her she looked at me and said: "I feel like I have to give you a hug". She caught me off guard, 100%,  and before I knew it she had me wrapped up in a hug. I'm not going lie. I didn't hate it. It was totally random, but made my existence as a rental car slave just a tad bit better until the next ridiculous customer.

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