Saturday, January 16

Is 7:00 am to early for pictures?

So as you can see I recrutied an extra person to take photo's, me. SSBF leaves for work before I do and since I am practically falling apart by the time I get home from work I thought it would be best to snap some pictures before I left for work this morning. I wanted to embrace my new dark hair with some slighty moody clothes (It wasn't until after I smapped the pictures that I realized I had cat hair all over that shirt). 

Anyway, I have been reading a lot lately of books lately and recently finished one by Freeman Hall called Retail Hell. It was pretty hilarious. As a semi-retail slave myself it was completely relateable. If you are looking for some light reading, and a good laugh at other peoples expense, I would definitely recommend it.

The reading has distracted me, at least momentarily, from my other (more expensive) hobby: shopping. However during the lull I've had in books my eye has wandered over to some of my usual favorite sites and found a couple things I love. Somehow in the course of a few days I've added 4 more items to my must have list.

The list started of course with skinny pants for work and has grown to include a faux leather skirt (high-waited mini, preferably), gray leggings, this tunic from Urban Outfiters in cream, and a fun minidress.

-Scarf, American Eagle
-Shirt, Gap
-Tank, Old Navy
-Skirt, The Limited
-Tights, Target
-Boots, Zigi Soho, DSW

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