Monday, January 18


For the longest time I've been looking for a bib necklace that was the perfect storm of color, size, ostentaciousness but haven't had much luck. I was in Martin and Osa over the weekend and saw one on the sales associate that I was totally in love with, but didn't want to pay the Martin and Osa price for. That's when it hit me..  I should make one. They are simply (in most cases) just crystals, felt, and ribbon.

So I did.

I spent a total of $20.98 at Michael's, and created this...The fraying of the ribbon was accidental. Apparantly you can't cut it down the middle, but I like the touch it adds.

How I did it:

I bought 2 peices of felt and cut out the shape I wanted. Then I used fabric glue to keep the stones in place. I finished it off by sewing the pieces of ribbon into the two pieced of felt. I recommend laying out the pattern for your crystals first and then gluing them in place once you like the design.

What do you think?

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