Saturday, February 20


First of all, I want to apologize for the posting hiatus. Having a full week of work and school completely threw me.

This week was both busy and exciting and this post in kind of going to be a random mess of this week.

SSBF and I did our taxes on our own despite the nagging from my mother (she wanted us to go to a CPA). All together we got a pretty fat refund that will be going to my credit card debt, our summer vaction, possibly a home reno, and this ginormous carpet house for the kids, I mean cats. (Yes, it was that big.) I'm 50% sure that thing is not going to remain in our living room.

I also am very excited about the new look that will be coming to my blog courtesy of the fabulous Tieka of Selective Potential. I can not wait, check back soon.

Tonight, SSBF and I will be going to The Melting Pot to celebrate his (very) beltated birthday, Valentine's Day, and our 42 monthiversary.

And of course found some new items to drool over.
The dress in the middle I found at Martin & Osa when I was trying on the grey jeans I love so much (sadly, they were a no go, too much stretch.) Bonus: Old Navy is having a "fundementals" sale, basic tee's and tanks are $5.00. I'm seriously in heaven.

annnd, now to start studying, maybe for my accounting exam on wednesday...

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