Thursday, February 25

Saving and Spending

This picture seems to irrelevant now because it was taken last Saturday. I did want to post about it though because it's making spawned from a failed trip to the mall to purchase a pair of grey jeans. I instead ended up with the J.Crew Minnie Pant and this silk ruffle top (also J.Crew). All in all I spent about $145.

I also wanted to bring this up because this was the first purchase I made that I successfully SAVED up for. For those of you who don't remember way back in December I started using sub-accounts in my ING to help me start saving. I created one for Shopping, Vacation, and a catch all cleverly titled "Other Expenses".

Well I was able to sock away $250 in my shopping account. I was able to walk away on Saturday with $100 to spare. Which was subsequently spent on a few items from Old Navy and a totally heat of the moment purchase from Forever 21(oops).

In addition, I did the creepiest thing at work the other day. I've wanted more pictures if my work outfits since I spend most of my week in them so I asked my co-worker Brian, who just happened to study photography, if he would snap some shots of me whenever we had time. I'm excited, but nervous. SSBF is the only one who has taken pictures for me and even with him I tend to be a little stiff in front of the camera.

*Silk Ruffle Top, J.Crew ($59.99)
*Minnie Pants, J.Crew ($89.50 + 15% off student discount)
*Cardigan, J.Crew (outlet) ($34.50)
*Belt, Banana Republic
*Navy Platform Pumps, Marc Fisher, Macy's


  1. I really love this look. You look wonderful and I'm loving your hair! I wish I had money so you could style me...someday!

  2. Oh, please. You know I wouldn't charge you.


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