Thursday, March 18

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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What kind of Irish girl would I be if I didn't do a small post on St.Patrick's Day?

In the past my outfits on this day typically included a homemade tee with a clever phrase like "I'm bringing Irish back" or my personal favorite, "I bang in my green tee". This year though I had to be an adult, and work all day, so I had to do green in a subtler fashion.

Brian took these pictures at work from me behind our building. There is a huge vacant field behind us when we were heading out we actually saw 4 deer back here. For some reason I am always in awe when I see animals in nature. A coworker told me that over the weekend a whale washed up on the beach at Ocean City. Although it was already dead, I totally wish I could have seen it. Anyways, since our building used to be a body shop (and the building is still owned by one) our lot sometimes is an overflow lot for the shop, and often littered with old car parts, busted cars, and just random stuff.  

*Shrug, Old Navy
*Shirt, J.Crew
*Pants, Martin and Osa
*Scarf, American Eagle
*Shoes, Nordstrom

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  1. Love your green shrug and scarf! You are much better than I was, I managed to wear just about all gray and black on St. Patty's Day :)


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