Saturday, March 20

Avoiding the Impulse Buy, Kinda

All personal finance books generally include in some way, shape, or form a paragraph about avoiding impulse purchases. The advice usually ranges from " if you see something you like in a store, do all of your other shopping, and then if you still want that item go buy it" to " go home and sleep on it for a night". Really all they want you to do is stop and think if you really need that item, or how it would benefit you in the future.

I think this week was the first time I have ever applied that rule to my life. Monday night I had been doing some browsing on American Apparel when I came across this dress:

I love it, its simple, comfortable, and only $36. Normally, I would have purchased it on the spot. Instead I waited. I think just about every night I went back to American Apparel's website to see if my feelings had changed. They haven't. So I am rewarding myself for demonstrating such self-control by buying it!

On the other hand, I woke up this morning jonesing for a pair of white skinny jeans, and ended up ordering these guys from Old Navy

Opps.Luckily they were on sale for $25. I guess you can't change overnight.


  1. I have been looking for white jeans! How does the old navy ones fit? Cute dress too! Yay for rewarding yourself for self-control. I do that too haha

  2. They run tight! I am usually a "0" in Old Navy, I tried them on in the store and I could barely get them buttoned. Not to mention, they fit my legs like tights. I ordered the two. I'm hoping those will fit ok.


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